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Sherri's Daintie Dips

Dillicious Veggie - Chocked full of veggies and spiced with an undertone of dill.  Serve with fresh veggies, crackers, bread sticks or Sherri's Beerlicious Beer Bread. 

Cheddar Bacon Chive -  A light cheddary onion bacon blend to serve with pretzels, crackers, bread sticks, french fries, jojo's or baked potato topper. 

Garden Garlic - Bursting with garlic and onion flavor.  Serve with chips, crackers, backed potatoes or Sherri's Beerlicious Beer Bread. 

Tomato Fiesta -  A tangy tomato south of the border flavor.  Serve with dorito chips, salsa chips, burritos or tacos. 

Bacon Ranch Roundup - Flavorful bacon and ranch blend.  Serve with chips, cucumbers, breads, french fries or baked potato topper. 

Cheesy Jalapeno - Cheddary onion jalapeno flavors all wrapped in to one fantastic dip.  Serve with chips, breads, pretzels, french fries, jojo's or baked potato topper.  

Sassy Spinach -  The fresh taste of garden spinach blended with onions, carrots and a blend of secret spices with a hint of red cayanne . A family favorite...Serve in a bread bowl with fresh veggies, hawaiian bread cubes, pretzels or crackers.

Dazzling Dill -  Awesome blend of onion, parsley, dill and secret spices.  Serve with fresh veggies, chips, sandwiches and meats. This is a "must have" condiment for fish. 

~~Indulge Your Tastebuds With Sherri's Flavorful Dips, Breads, Soups and Brownies~~
                       We Use "Minnesota Grown" Ingredients In Each Recipe!
                      Dips -  $3.99 each or 3 for $11.00. Each package makes 2 cups of thick and creamy dip. 
Sherri's Savory Soups

Cheesy Potato Bacon -  Thick and rich with potato, onion, white cheddar and a hint of Minnesota Grown chive. A best seller!!

Minnesota Wild Rice -  Minnesota Grown wild rice blended with celery, onions and carrots. Our most popular wild rice soup!!

Minnesota Wild Rice Almond - Our popular Minnesota Grown wild rice soup with a hint of nutty flavor. 

Minnesota Wild Rice Mushroom - Our popular Minnesota Grown wild rice soup with a tad of mushroom flavor.

Cheesy Broccoli - White cheddar, broccoli, carrots and chive make this an excellent soup blend.  Vegetarian friendly.

Chicken Veggie with Egg Noodle - A blend of chicken, veggies and egg noodles that's sure to remind you of home.    

Beef Veggie Macaroni  - A beefy homestyle blend with onions, carrots and macaroni; that will warm you up on cold winter days.

                                      Soups -   $7.99 each or 3 for $22.00.  Each package makes 8 - 1 cup servings. 

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Sherri's Bodacious Breads

Italian Garlic Beer Bread -   A moist Italian flavored beer bread that is great for dipping in our "Dillicious Veggie, Sassy Spinach or Garden Garlic dip.....delicious when toasted and buttered.  SherriLynn's "original" Beerlicious Beer Bread.

Jalapeno Beer Bread -  Beer bread with a snappy "Jalapeno" twist.  For more snappy Jalapeno flavor, serve with our Cheesy Jalapeno Dip.  Makes a great men's gift.  

Spiced Cranberry Bread  -  Made with real orange juice!   A wonderful addition to any meal, especially at holiday time.  Luscious when served slightly warm with butter. 

Onion Caraway Beer Bread  - A flavorful, aromatic, wonderfully tasty beer bread.  Amazing addition to any meal with our Garden Garlic Dip.         Breads - $6.99 each or 3 for $19.00    Each package makes one (1) 5x8 loaf pan.  

 1. Peppermint Pretzel Almond Bark
 2. Chocolate/Vanilla Swirled Almond Bark
 3. Almond Bark Dipped Oreos - Chocolate,Vanilla, Mint
 4. White Double Almond Bark
 5. Christmas Crunch